You know what… ? In El Escorial you can see two chairs of King Felipe II

Location of the Silla de Felipe II in front of the Monastery of El Escorial in the Sierra de Madrid

Do you know that in a you visit to El Escorial, in the Sierra de Madrid, you can see two chairs of king Philip II?

You will see the first of the chairs during the guided tour of the Monastery of El Escocial, specifically on your tour of the Austrian Palace.

It is a transport chair in which King Felipe II, already seriously ill with gout, was transferred from Madrid on his last trip to El Escorial Monastery, where he finally died in 1598.

Exposed in one of the sober rooms of the area of El Escorial Monastery that was used as a residence by Felipe II and his family, seeing the chair you can imagine the hardships of the trip from Madrid, because it took seven days to get to the monastery.

The other Felipe II chair what can you see in El Escorial It is not really a chair used by the king of the great Spanish empire. With that name it is called a place located on the side of a mountain near San Lorenzo de El Escorial, where a rocky promontory is located, with sculpted steps and hollows in the shape of armchairs.

Although popular tradition says that this place was used by Felipe II to follow the construction works of the monastery (hence its denomination ...), the reality is that, according to the latest studies, that promontory was sculpted in the 19th century. Of course, from the Felipe II chair you have excellent panoramic views of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and its imposing monastery.