Combarro, walk between granaries and cruises in the Rías Bajas de Galicia

Hórreos de Combarro on the banks of the Ría de Pontevedra in Galicia

Yes for your next trip to Galicia do you want me to recommend a very picturesque fishing village, that is without a doubt Combarro, which I visited a couple of years ago.

From my point of view, I would be in the top among the most beautiful villages in Galicia.

Indeed, very close to the Pontevedra city you have the opportunity to visit a beautiful historical set in which the granaries and cruises They are the great protagonists.

Corner of Combarro in Galicia

I advance that Combarro It is a very tourist town, so you may agree with many other visitors on your visit, but it is totally worth it.

He historical center of Combarro, of very small dimensions but with a great charm, it extends on the banks of the estuary of Pontevedra, next to the road that takes you to O grove, and just five kilometers from the capital.

What to see in Combarro

When from the wideChousa square you enter the narrow San Roque Rua In the historic center of this town of which there are references since the twelfth century, you will find that it is one of the best examples you can find of rural architecture in Galicia.

Hórreo in Combarro in the Rías Bajas de Galicia

Hórreos in Infrared

Already in the mentioned square you will see a set of two granaries, architectural element traditionally used as a barn or pantry in the villages of Galicia Y Asturias.

I warn you that in Combarro you have the possibility to see more than 60 granaries, highlighting the more than 30 that line the banks of the estuary.

Although the granaries were originally built with braided reeds and thatched roof, then the stone and wood were used, elements that have allowed them to be preserved until today.

Precisely granite stone is another of the great protagonists of Combarro, because the town is located on this material.

As you can see during your walk, it is used not only to build the granaries and the cross you, but also some houses and balconies.

Cruising in Combarro in Galicia

You have a good example in the first place you arrive, where the Tourist Office.

The floor of it is largely occupied by a large granite rock on which a crossover, and where you can see the building of the Culture House built in stone

As you go through the San Roque Crane, you arrive at the small parish church of the same name, which is also built in stone.

Cruises in Combarro

On your walk you will see granaries and you will find one of the seven cross you What is there in Combarro.

I will tell you that crossover It is a very common construction not only in Galicia, but also in other Celtic regions, such as Ireland orBrittany in France.

Hórreo in Combarro in the Rías Bajas de Galicia

As a curiosity, in the case of cruises of Combarro (except one), the figure of the Virgin that is in the crosses is always oriented to the sea, while that of Christ, to land.

Do not be surprised to see a small stone altar in front of the cross you.

During this walk through the rua you will also see typical fishermen's houses, known as mariñeiras houses, with arcades that support balconies that in some houses are made of stone.

Fountain Square in Combarro

The ride will take you to the fountain square (also of stone) and finally to the Padrón beach, from where you have one of the most typical panoramic views of Combarro, with the aforementioned succession of granaries looking towards the estuary.

If the tide is low, as was the case during my visit, and as you can see in the photos, you can walk back while contemplating the famous Combarro granaries.

Corner of Combarro in Galicia

You will arrive at the old and small pier, now occupied by restaurant terraces, always very busy.

And, finally, you will be able to reach the beginning of the tour through a narrow alley in which stores of souvenirs.

Hórreos, cruises, fishing houses, that is the essence of historical center of Combarro.

I recommend you to be one Essential visit on your trip to Galicia.

How to get to Combarro

The beautiful town of Combarro is located just 7 kilometers from the city of Pontevedra, and you arrive in half an hour from Vigo and in an hour from Santiago de Compostela.

Pictures of Combarro

Here you have more Photos of Combarro, of its rural architecture, its granaries and cruises, one of the most beautiful images of Galicia.