Extremadura - Photo gallery of cherry blossoms in the Jerte Valley

Cherry blossoms in the Jerte Valley in Extremadura

For two or three weeks, in spring, the Jerte Valleyat north of Extremadura, it becomes a stage where the white color acquires great prominence.

It is not the white of the snow, which remains in the background in the mountains, but the white of the cherry blossoms covering both slopes of the valley, from the vicinity of Plasencia until almost port of Tornavacas, already on the border with the province of Avila.

After a long time without doing so, last year I decided to return to visit the Jerte Valley To enjoy these exceptional landscapes.

Valle del Jerte in Extremadura during cherry blossom

I made the decision overnight to coincide with the first weekend of splendid spring, after a long winter that in 2013 was abnormally cold and rainy.

As a result, I did not find accommodation even in Plasencia, so I had to stay at a nearby hotel Vera, which had the advantage of taking the opportunity to visit the monastery of Yuste, who until then did not know him.

The visit of the Jerte Valley It was splendid because I had an excellent time and the cherry trees in the lower part of the valley were at their peak of flowers. In addition, contrary to what I was afraid of, it was not a weekend with many tourists, on the roads on the slopes of the valley, where cars were barely circulating.

Pictures cherry blossoms in Valle del Jerte

As an invitation to your possible visit, here is a gallery of photos of cherry blossoms in the Jerte Valley.