Poland - This is the Gothic building of the historic town hall of Wroclaw

Old town hall in the market square of Wroclaw in Poland

In my most recent trip to Poland I had the opportunity to discover one of the most impressive buildings I've seen in recent times during my various trips.

Its about former town hall of Wroclaw which gives greater splendor if it fits one of the prettier squares that, without a doubt, you can see in Europe.

I tell you that just to see and stroll through its impressivemarketplace worth the trip to Wroclawin the region of South Silesia, West of Poland.

Old town hall in the market square of Wroclaw in Poland

In the beginning I will tell you that the Wroclaw Market Square It is one of the largest among which you can find in Europe.

And the building that will undoubtedly focus your attention is the one quoted from old town hall, which is located next to the building of the current city hall.

It is true that as in the main Polish cities, this building was very seriously damaged during the WWII, so in the 50s it had to be completely rebuilt.

Therefore, it is not the original building of the mid-thirteenth century.

But what you will see now is a very faithful reconstruction of the town hall, during which special care has been taken to respect the great artistic wealth of the facades.

Old town hall in the market square of Wroclaw in Poland

To appreciate this artistic wealth well you will have to spend a long time contemplating its different corners, such as windows or balconies, as well as the many decorative elements.

More than gothic style, the former town hall of Wroclaw show an eclectic style,

This is a mixture of architectural trends, as a result of its original construction dating back more than 250 years.

At present, the building of the old town hall is a cultural activities center, in addition to housing the bourgeois art museum.

Historic restaurant in the old town hall of Wroclaw in Poland

I tell you that its artistic beauty is such that it is worth seeing at different times of the day to appreciate all the combinations of lights and colors.

Photos of the Wroclaw town hall

As an advance to your visit, here are more photos of the old town hall of Wroclaw.

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