How is the Basque Cider Season 2019 in Astigarraga

Txotx in cider house Bereziartua de Astigarraga

I discovered the Basque cider many years ago, and since then a bottle has a regular presence on my table, yes, simultaneously with the Asturian natural cider.

And while I'm also a regular customer of the Basque cider houses in Madrid, the truth is that until recently I had not had the opportunity to visit in Euskadi a typical Basque cider house and enjoy cider house menu.

What better time to do it than during what is known asseason of txotxor Basque cider season, which starts this year 2019 It starts in Euskadi on January 16 and lasts until April.

.Txotx opening at cider house Bereziartua de Astigarraga @Photo: Sagadoaren Lurraldea

In my visit with that reason to the so-called Cider Territory (Sagardoaren Lurraldea), I also got to know the long Basque cider tradition, its origins and its current boom, in the Astigarraga Basque Cider museum.

And I could also discover that around this boom you now have the possibility to carry out activities of wine tourism Basque cider, with a visit to wineries, tastings and tastings.

What is the Territory of the Basque Cider in Astigarraga

The so-called Basque Cider Territory you find it in Astigarraga, one of the towns that surround the city of Saint Sebastian.

In that geographical area most of the 51 are concentrated Basque cider houses which is in Guipúzcoa, in front of 10 in Vizcaya and 2 in Alava.

Basque Cider Museum in Astigarraga

Keep in mind that when I talk about Basque cider house, I mean a hamlet which is dedicated to the production of this traditional drink.

What is txotx or Sidrerías Season

And you know what is the txotx wave Sidrerías Season?

He txotx It is what is called the time during which the new cider is tested in the cider houses, which starts every year on the Wednesday before the week of the feast of the Tamborrada de San Sebastián.

In these cider houses a space is enabled, mostly with high tables, so that without sitting down, you can try the cited new cider of the season.

It is traditional in the Basque Country to accompany the cider with the typicalcider house menu, which you can taste throughout the year.

Astigarraga Cider House

This menu consists of cod tortilla, fried cod with green peppers, beef steak, and for dessert, country cheese with quince and nuts, all to share.

This menu is offered for a fixed price, between 30-35 euros, yes, with free consumption of cider.

Much of the Basque cider houses They close in April, once the Basque Cider Season, although there are more and more cider houses They remain open throughout the year offering the aforementioned menu.

There are also many cider houses that have enabled large spaces with tables and benches where you can sit to taste the menu, almost like a restaurant.

How to book cider house in Astigarraga

For enjoy the cider house menu in this area of Basque Country, in this link you can choose between the most outstanding cider houses of Astigarraga.

T-bone steak in Basque cider house of Astigarraga in San Sebastián

And if you do not want to complicate when book in a cider house having to call several of them, here they offer you the free cider house reservation service, which can be a good help for your visit.

When is the opening of Txotx 2019 in Astigarraga

To inaugurate the season of txotx in Astigarraga An official opening ceremony is carried out with the assistance of relevant guests, and with various events and celebrations in cider houses and bars in the area.

Thus, in said opening act the dantzaris, the txalaparta and the bertzolaris they confer the necessary ritual at this moment of the opening of the first kupela (Cuba) where the first cider of each season is tested.

Every year the honor of the first tasting corresponds to a celebrity from the Basque Country, who also performs the traditional act of planting an apple tree.

In the act of opening of the Txotx 2019 the guest is the journalist Olatz Arrieta.

Txotx in cider house of Astigarraga in Basque Country

How is a txotx day in a Basque cider house

From then on the cider houses enter the season of txotx, the best occasion to make a getaway to Astigarraga, and besides enjoying a visit to San Sebastian, take the opportunity to discover this tradition.

Here you have the best tips to make a txotx day.

Schedules visit Basque Cider museum in Astigarraga

Among the various activities you can do, one is visit the aforementioned museum of the Basque Cider of Astigarraga, where you can deepen your tradition.

Basque Cider Museum in Astigarraga

The Visiting schedule they are, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., and Sundays and holidays, from 11 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., being closed on Mondays.

The ticket prices They are 4 euros for adults, 2 euros for children aged 11 to 17, and free for children 11 years.

You sign up?

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