Marrakech - This is a shopping trip through the Zocos de la Medina

Souks of Marrakech in Morocco

Without a doubt, one of the most «Exciting» what are you going to enjoy in your trip to Marrakech is the walk through the Zocos what's in the Medina, where it is very difficult for you to resist buying, and where you will have tobargain.

The Zocos It is a very large area of ​​the Marrakech Medina,which from the central Jemaa El Fna Square It stretches northward in a network of long streets covered with cloth, alleyways and squares, and with the most hidden corners.

In these alleyways, in which you continually elbow you for the great agglomeration of people who concentrate on the Souks, there are sales outlets with the most varied offer of products.

Souks of Marrakech in Morocco

What to see in the Zocos de Marrakech

There is practically nothing you can think of that you cannot find in the Zocos.

The stalls of the Zocos They open early and many of them close already late in the evening.

These positions in general are grouped by the types of products they sell.

In this way you will find different areas where, for example, silversmiths, scrap metal dealers, clothing sellers, artisans of all kinds of specialty, etc ...

In fact, these areas have specific denominations, such as the Smarine Souk, the main artery that leaves from the Jemaa El Fna Square, which groups bazaars and clothing stalls.

Souks of Marrakech in Morocco

But next to it you will find a fresh produce market.

And later, an intricate square with different levels, with stores selling silver products.

Others Souks they are called Chouari, where carpenters and baskets are grouped.

Or the famous Dyer's Souk, with its great color for the fabrics that hang for drying.

The easiest way to get into Souks of the Medina of Marrakech is to do it from the same Jemaa El Fna Square.

Souks of Marrakech in Morocco

But keep in mind that you access an area where it is difficult to go to a specific site, or locate specific stores.

It is advisable to walk through the Zocos and venture through its different streets and corners, as it is the way to discover and appreciate its great commercial wealth.

Of course, do it without prior time limitations, because this walk will surely take you a few hours.

Going through the different areas of the Souk will require a lot of time and, in addition, as you will surely decide to buy something, you will also need time to haggle the price of such purchases.

Souks of Marrakech in Morocco

If your stay in Marrakech It is several days, it is advisable to go to the Zocos as soon as possible, because you will surely repeat ...

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Photos Souks of Marrakech

Here are more pictures of the Marrakech Souks in Morocco.

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