A trip to Nantes, a cultural tour for summer 2012

The Great Elephant, machine on the cultural tour of the Journey to Nantes 2012

If you have not yet had the chance to get to know the city of Nantesat west of france, for him summer of this year 2012 you have a good excuse with the cultural tour A trip to Nantes.

What is it about? From June 15 to August 19, in Nantes a cultural event is held that highlights the artistic wealth of the city, with 30 stages which combines artistic works made for the occasion, exhibitions and visits that allow you to explore the most prominent places of the city and its surroundings.

With the motto A city upside down by art, the different stages of the cultural route are distributed over 10 kilometers, one of whose characteristics is that various works are exhibited in the streets.

Between the stages of Trip to Nantes highlights, for example, the possibility of seeing in the Nantes Cathedral the Renaissance masterpiece that is the tomb of Francisco II and Margarita de Foix, made in 1507.

Other outstanding stages are the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, with its Museum of the History of Nantes and its temporary exhibitions, and the Slavery Abolition Memorial.

One of the stages will also be the tallest skyscraper in Nantes, the Brittany Tower, 150 meters high, whose viewpoint on the 32nd floor opens for participants in the tour.

But, without a doubt, one of the most characteristic elements of Trip to Nantes 2012 they will be the so-called Island Machines, As the Carousel of the Marine Worlds or the Big elephant.

In the Nantes port area, historically occupied by shipyards, and which is now a large open space, as of July 16 the Carousel of the Marine Worlds, a large machine with three stacked roundabouts, and with 14 elements fixed on a rotating platform.

When shipments in this machine shaped like a great roundabout you can see from the Giant crab from the seabed, passing through the Stingray from the second level, to the surface level where there are 15 boats that fight against large mechanical waves.

This original attraction, with 35 mechanical elements, starts up every 15 minutes, and has a boarding capacity for 85 people

For its part, the Big elephant It is a large machine of twelve meters high, which emulates an elephant, inside which up to 49 passengers can go, while taking a tour of the pier next to the Loire River.

Finally, the 60 kilometers of Estuary of the Loire River, from the city to the port of Saint nazaire, also have their role.

To the 30 artistic works that have been installed since 2007, this year eight new works are joined, so that in a tour that you can do by boat or road, you can discover them in different places or atypical places of the estuary.

Apart from public spaces, in large part of the places included in the cultural tour of Nantes the access is free.

In the official website of A Trip to Nantes 2012 you have more information, with the detail of the different stages of the cultural tour.