You know what… ? The London Millennium Bridge had to be closed by vibrations

Millennium Bridge in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in London

Do you know that the Millennium Bridge over the river Thames of London had to be closed to the public only two days after its inauguration in June 2000 by vibrations caused by the resonance effect?

He Millennium Bridge It is the most modern of those built in London to cross the River Thames, and with its avant-garde design it was inaugurated on the occasion of the Millennium celebrations.

However, although it was calculated to support up to 5,000 people who could cross it simultaneously, the great initial avalanche of the public produced a curious vibration problem which forced it to be closed to the public two days after its opening.

Those vibrations, which can be seen in the attached video, were due to a fortuitous synchronization of the thousands of people who crossed the bridge at the same time, known as the resonance effect, which caused a disturbing swing.

Finally, after a redesign of the structure, the London Millennium Bridge reopened to the public in February 2002, more than a year and a half after its official inauguration.

You will have occasion to cross the millennium bridge during your trip to london when heading from the San Pablo's cathedral, on the north bank of the River Thames, towards the Tate Modern contemporary art museum, on the south side (or vice versa ...)