Córdoba - This is the Christian Renaissance basilica inside the Mosque

Cruise ship of the Renaissance basilica of the Mosque of Cordoba

An aspect that will surprise you when visits Córdoba, in Andalusia, is that in the center of its great monument, the Mosque of Cordoba, a large one is located Renaissance basilica.

Indeed, during the 16th century a christian cathedral at the wish of the religious authorities of the time, specifically, the bishop Iñigo Manrique, to give greater splendor to the Main Chapel built in the thirteenth century, after the conquest of the city by Ferdinand III The Holy, in 1236.

Together with Main Chapel which stood in the place occupied by an old mihrab of the Muslim temple, a gothic style ship, architectural ensemble that barely modified the structure of the Islamic mosque.

Main altar of the Christian cathedral of the Mosque of Cordoba

However, in your mosque visit fromCordova you will see that the 16th-century Christian cathedral is a total rupture of its structure, which after its construction caused severe criticism of the King Carlos I.

After having authorized the works and after seeing the result, it is said that he affirmed: "I did not know what this was, because I would not have allowed the old to be reached, because you do what may be elsewhere and have discarded what was unique in the world."

Some of the most significant elements of the renaissance basilica built in the center of the original mosque and you see them from the outside.

I mean the cruise and its domes, which stand out from the rest of the Muslim building.

Architectural mix in the Christian cathedral of the Mosque of Cordoba

The christian cathedral It is shaped like a cruise ship, with side ships that take advantage of the ships of the Muslim building. From the architectural mix, you may squeak the Islamic arches that support the domes.

Of the renaissance basilica of the Mosque of Cordoba, the most distinctive elements are the High altar and the Chorus.

The great altarpiece of the High Altar It was finished in the year 1653. Work of the Jesuit from Granada Alonso Matías, combines marbles and bronzes, and has a style similar to the altarpiece of the Basilica of the Monastery of El Escorial, in the surroundings of Madrid.

For its part, the construction of the Renaissance basilica choir stalls a century had to be delayed, so that it was not finished until 1757.

In you visit of the Mosque of Córdoba, behind the large bronze bars you can see the 105 chairs of the choir, located in two rows, the whole set with a sumptuous decoration.

Choir of the Christian cathedral of the Mosque of Cordoba

Facing criticism for the undoubted architectural break which in its day was the construction of a huge cathedral in the heart of the great jewel of caliphate art, there is an opinion that thanks to this, the islamic monument to the present day.

In sum, that if the Christian cathedral had been built in another location of Cordova, the mosque would finally have been destroyed, as, for example, happened with the great mosque of Seville.

And you do you think?

Photos of the Christian cathedral of Córdoba

Here you have more Photos of the Christian Cathedral of Cordoba, in the monument of the old Muslim mosque.