Extremadura - Casa de Orellana, boutique hotel in the historic center of Trujillo

Lounge of the Casa de Orellana hotel in Trujillo in Extremadura

In you walk through Trujillo, in Estremadura, almost in every corner you will find historical memory of the great conquerors of Extremadura.

You will find several emblazoned mansions that were once built or residence of these conquerors returning from the Americas after their overseas adventures.

That is also the case of Francisco de Orellana, who was considered the discoverer of the Amazon River.

Born in Trujillo, Orellana The Inca Empire participated in the conquest and founded the city of Guayaquil. With Gonzalo Pizarro He organized the expedition that led to discover the mighty American river.

The Orellana House, 15th century building, is now a comfortable Boutique hotel that in each of its corners reminds you of the history of the conquest of America.

Entrance hall to the Casa de Orellana hotel in Trujillo in Extremadura

Located in the upper part of the historic center of Trujilloat the foot of the church of Santa María la Mayor, and not far from his famous Main Square, the historic building shows us at its entrance door a pointed arch on which the shield of the Orellana.

Inside, all the decoration refers to the conquest of America and the adventures of Francisco de Orellana.

This little rural hotel It only has five rooms whose names remind of Extremaduran conquerors.

Entrance to the Casa de Orellana hotel in Trujillo in Extremadura

The main room is dedicated, of course, to the own Orellana, who set sail in 1541 to make the first navigation of a European along the longest and largest river in the world. In the adventure he was accompanied by 57 men.

The so-called Don Gonzalo Tower it's the room that reminds us of the adventure partner of Orellana, Gonzalo Pizarro, who was familiar to the great Francisco Pizarro.

There is another room dedicated to Fray Gaspar de Carvajal, a Dominican friar who related the adventure of the discovery of the Amazon in the search for The Golden.

The fourth room has the name of Cosme de Chaves, who was stepfather of Orellana, and who financed the expedition that departed from Sanlucar de Barrameda in 1545, consisting of four ships.

Francisco de Orellana room at the Casa de Orellana de Trujillo hotel

Finally, the woman of Orellana, Ana de AyalaHe also has his room. They met in Seville, when the conqueror went to hire the ships he was going to use in the expedition.

Now, if you want to stay in any of these rooms, the bed and breakfast price It is 100 euros, except Friday nights, Saturdays and holidays, which cost 120 euros.

Here are more pictures of the Casa de Orellana hotel in Trujillo.