Aragon - Magdalena Church, emblematic monument in Tarazona

Church of the Magdalena in Tarazona in Aragon

You may have knowledge of the great cultural heritage of Tarazona, for hearing about the remodeled Cathedral Santa Maria de la Huerta, for whose visit you may have a getaway to this medieval village in the north of Aragon.

But I will tell you that there is another temple that is considered the most emblematic of the medieval enclosure of Tarazona, the Magdalena church.

The building that was to becometarazona cathedral construction began at the beginning of the 12th century in the fields surrounding the hill where the medieval city was located.

Church of the Magdalena in Tarazona in Aragon

Instead, the Magdalena church It is the temple located inside the walled enclosure, whose bell tower is now an emblem of the most typical panoramic view of the town.

Indeed, the Magdalena church It is located in the old medieval quarter, known as Cinto neighborhood. Palace Square.

In front of the entrance ofarchbishop's palace the so-called opens Palace Square, where there is a viewpoint from where you have excellent panoramic views of Tarazona.

Over the viewpoint stands the building of the Magdalena church, currently an exponent of the Mudejar architecture.

Church of the Magdalena in Tarazona in Aragon

Actually the church was also built in the 12th century, as the first building of the tarazona cathedral, but in Romanesque style.

But centuries later the church was extended with three naves in the Gothic style, while the bell tower was raised in Moorish style during the fifteenth century.

Later, in the 17th century, it was reformed in a Mannerist style.

When you enter the interior of the Magdalena church you will see the strange result of so much reform.

At the outset, the interior maintains the distribution of three ships, but the one at the bottom has a totally different decoration than the rest.

Church of the Magdalena in Tarazona in Aragon

On the one hand, it maintains the austere Romanesque apse, while the ceiling shows us a coffered ceiling that was brought to light in the 60s.

And the other two ships have the typical white walls of a baroque church, the result of the reform carried out in the 17th century.

Apart from the aforementioned apse, other prominent elements inside the church are the Mudejar facistol 16th century (large wooden lectern to support singing books) and the altarpiece of the same century.

In featured location the image of San Atilano, patron of Tarazona, whose relics reached the town on August 28, 1968.

Romanesque abside in the Magdalena church in Tarazona

As a curiosity, it is every August 28 when the patron's feasts are celebrated, and not on the day of the saint, which is October 5.

Climb the tower of the Magdalena church

your visit of the Magdalena church It will be incomplete if you do not climb to the top of the bell tower. With Romanesque base of the original building of the 12th century, while you climb you can see the successive growths of the tower.

A first spire was placed at the top of the tower in 1610, but the current four-water is from 1963.

In the winter season you can't climb the bell tower, because it is not sufficiently well equipped for visits.

Painting in the Magdalena church in Tarazona

But if during your Tarazona visit You have the opportunity to climb, you will enjoy excellent views of this historic town, with the foreground of the Old Bullring, as well as the nearby mount moncayo.

Pictures Magdalena church in Tarazona

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