Valladolid - Plaza del Coso de Peñafiel, place of bullfighting celebrations since 1443

Coso Square with Peñafiel Castle in the background

When in your route by car through the province of Valladolid you arrive at Peñafielundoubtedly attracted to his famous castle, you may not have heard of his Coso Square, whose image is totally that of the castle.

Indeed, the most typical image of the Peñafiel Castle and the Valladolid town is the one that opens this article, with the Coso Square in the foreground, and at the bottom, at the top of the hill, the elongated fortification shaped like a ship.

But really see the Peñafiel's Coso square already justify the visit of this town.

Plaza del Coso in Peñafiel in the province of Valladolid

This huge square-shaped square has two accesses, the main one being the passage that opens on its west side.

History Plaza del Coso

At the top of the passage there is a plaque that reminds us that the Coso Square It is also known as the Plaza del Corro, and specifically since the sixteenth century is called the I run from the bulls Well, indeed, it was created in the previous century for the celebration of bullfighting celebrations.

Plaza del Coso in Peñafiel in the province of Valladolid

When you access the interior of this large square with the ground covered with sand, and you see that it is completely surrounded by terraced buildings of two or three floors, with its balcony-covered facades, you really feel that you are inside a bullring.

Then you're curious to know if it's about the oldest bullring in Spain.

If you look in Internet which is considered the oldest bullring in Spain, it seems that, not without controversy, it is the town of Salamanca Bejar the one that has that honor, because its history goes back to 1667. In fact it is known as The old lady.

But in Peñafiel they tell us that the first documents alluding to the Coso Square, which was built specifically for the development of bullfighting festivities, date back to the year 1443. So, isn't it the oldest?

Wooden decoration on the facades of the Plaza del Coso in Peñafiel

No matter, the truth is that when you are in the Coso Square you breathe the atmosphere of the long bullfighting tradition in the villages of Spain, and regardless of whether you are for or against the Festival of the bulls, you cannot fail to recognize the value of Coso as part of our cultural heritage.

And more enjoying the view of the Peñafiel Castle To his back.

Plaza del Coso in Peñafiel in the province of Valladolid

The Coso Square It is composed of 48 buildings constructed in adobe, stone and wood, and whose facades and balconies are decorated with arabesque-style wood, which was carried out during the 18th century.

The doors maintain poles that act as a barrier for bulls.

Bullfighting celebrations in Plaza del Coso

To see in its splendor the Coso Square, you must go at Feasts of Our Lady and San Roque which are held every year between August 14 and 18.

In the square a ring is installed with its barriers, but not bleachers, so that during the holidays there are capeas in which two bulls are released at the same time, one inside the ring and another on the outside of the square .

If you're curious to see it, in the video attached you have a summary of bullfighting celebrations in Peñafie partiesl.

Do you dare to go to Peñafiel to discover the Coso Square?

Entrance ticket to the Coso de Peñafiel square in Valladolid