Terres del Ebre - Stories of templars in Miravet Castle

Miravet Castle in Terres del Ebre in Tarragona

In a getaway through Terres del Ebre, region of the province of Tarragona, like the one I did recently, perhaps the most prominent heritage corner is the Tortosa Cathedral... but also the Miravet Castle.

Located in the Miravet town, on top of a rocky cliff that rises on the banks of the Ebro river, you should know that Miravet Castle is one of the best examples of the Templar military architecture.

As usual in many other enclaves of the peninsula, in this area there are vestiges of the presence of the Iberians and, later, of a Roman fortification.

Miravet Castle in Terres del Ebre in Tarragona

The Arabs also had a fortification, but the castle, as we can now see its remains, dates back to the fact that it was ceded to the Order of the Templars after his reconquest in 1153.

It is from the Ebro river from where you will have the most majestic image of the castle, with the walls becoming an extension of the rocky promontory, and with the town at its feet and on the banks of the river.

When you go up to visit the castle, you will find the remains of a fortification that in a certain part has been recently restored.

Miravet Castle in Terres del Ebre in Tarragona

The outermost part of the fortification, with a large esplanade, dates back to the 11th century, while the inner enclosure with the inner courtyard is already from the time of the Templars, as it was built in the 12th century.

During the visit the main spaces you will visit are the great chapter room, meeting place of the Knights Templar, the refectory, and the most prominent, the old Romanesque style chapel.

But it will be when you climb one of the castle towers when you can enjoy the best panoramic views from this area of Terres del Ebre.

Chapel of the Miravet Castle in Terres del Ebre in Tarragona

He Miravet Castle ceased to be in the hands of the Templars in 1308, when it was occupied by King James II after the fall in disgrace of this religious order.

The castle subsequently passed to the Hospitallers Order, and throughout history he was the protagonist of battles in various wars, such as that of Reapers, that of Succession, the Carlists and the Civil war.

Miravet Castle in Terres del Ebre in Tarragona

In 1835, after the confiscation of Mendizábal it went into private hands, and today it is a monument managed by the Government of Catalonia, which you can visit and thus know their stories of templars.

Miravet castle opening hours

The Miravet Castle visiting hours they are, from Tuesday to Sunday, including holidays, from June to September, from 10 to 20 hours; from March to May and from October to December 15, from 10 to 17,30 hours; and from December 16 to February, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Refectory of Miravet Castle in Terres del Ebre in Tarragona

The ticket prices they are, generally, 3.50 euros; the reduced, 2.50 euros, from which the +65 seniors, pensioners, children under 25, families and people with a disability certificate benefit. Children under 8 can visit it for free.

To learn more about the castle and its history, you can sign up for Guided visits (reservations at 977407368, 695186873 or email [email protected]), which last about 45 minutes and cost an additional 3 euros to the entrance fee.

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