Valencia - This is a traditional Valencian barrack in Albufera

Traditional Valencian fishermen's barracks in Albufera

A trip to Valencia it opens the possibility of visit the Albufera natural park, which is only 10 kilometers south of the city.

And the center of this visit is in the town of El Palmar, a very popular enclave to go to taste a paella in one of the various restaurants that are in it.

But this town is also the starting point of the boat trips what can you do for the Albufera.

Traditional Valencian fishermen's barracks in Albufera

From one of these excursions I could enjoy during one of my most recent trips to Valencia, in which aboard a large traditional barge from Albufera Parcwe traveled the very calm waters of this great natural park.

Visit Barraca Valencia

This excursion gave us the surprise of being able to visit a traditional Valencian barrack.

Traditional Valencian fishermen's barracks in Albufera

This type of housing was used in the rural world of the Levantine provinces, but it had its greatest use by fishermen who lived on the banks of the Albufera.

At present, there are few barracks in that area, of which only two are more than 200 years old. The one you can visit during this excursion goes back about a hundred years.

Almost at the end of the Albufera barge excursion, it stops to see the hut.

Interior of the traditional Valencian barracks in Albufera

It is a very curious and instructive visit, because the interior of this Valencian barrack It is perfectly set as if the fishermen who lived in it still resided in them.

Photos barraca valenciana

In anticipation of your possible visit, here is a gallery of Photos of the Valencian barracks of Albufera.

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