Valencia - This is the modernist building of the North Station

Modernist building of the North Station in Valencia

Surely you agree with me that the best way to travel to Valencia from Madrid is in AVE train, which offers you speed and comfort, as well as taking you to the center of the Levantine city.

But also, arrive by train at Valencia It gives you the opportunity to start your visit to the city in one of the best possible ways.

Indeed, as soon as you arrive you can discover beautiful modernist building of the North Station, which you will reach directly if you travel by train from other areas of Spain.

Modernist building of the North Station in Valencia

Yes you travel by AVE, you will arrive at the new Joaquín Sorolla Station It was built specifically to receive high-speed trains.

This new station is located by the same railway entrance to the city, but one kilometer before the aforementioned North Station.

In this case, if you want to take advantage now to discover the modernist building of this station, you have a bus that connects both railway terminals for free.

The North Station It is not in the north but, curiously. in the southern area of ​​the belt that frames the historic center of Valencia, next to the bullring and very close to the Town Hall Square.

The current building has as its antecedent a first railway station that was built in 1851.

Lobby of the modernist building of the North Station in Valencia

He modernist building of the North Station It was built in 1907 and took ten years to complete.

Work of the architect Demetrio Ribes, is an example of Valencian modernism, architectural style of which you have other examples in the Valencia Central Market and in the Colon Market.

If you like modernism, the facade of the station will attract a lot of attention.

Stresses the use of iron structures and, above all, ceramics with great color and decoration with Valencian elements, where oranges are protagonists.

Inside, look at the different corners of the ticket office lobby, where wood, glass and ceramics combine with great beauty.

But above all do not forget to enter the great room that is on the right, as you access from the main facade.

Ceramic decoration in the modernist North Station in Valencia

This room housed the cafeteria of the station, but recently it was remodeled so that now it is a beautiful open room where you can have a good time enjoying the ceramics that represent Valencian popular themes.

Pictures modernist station of Valencia

As a preview of your visit, here are more photos of the modernist North Station of Valencia.