When does the Tower Bridge rise in London?

Tower Bridge Tower Bridge in London

When you go from trip to londonSurely you'll see the Tower bridge, one of the great icons of the British capital.

This popular drawbridge about him Thames River, which was built at the end of the 19th century, stands out for its two large towers with style architecture neo-gothic joined by a walkway.

But don't settle for just the different panoramic views of the Tower bridge from numerous places in London.

Tower Bridge drawbridge Tower Bridge in London

Do you know that visiting this famous drawbridge can have several attractions for you?

What to visit on the Tower Bridge

He Tower bridge It is currently a tourist attraction, so you can climb a tower, cross the catwalks that save the Thames, and go down the other tower.

Going up the gateways of the Tower Bridge in London You have the opportunity to see a great illustrative exhibition of the history of this bridge, and you can also enjoy beautiful Panoramic views of London and the River Thames.

You can too visit the tower bridge engine room, place from which the gear that lifts the two sections of the bridge is operated with unusual speed.

Views from the catwalk of the Tower Bridge drawbridge in London

In this visit you learn how this gear works.

When the London Bridge rises

But sure to see get up the bridge It is the best way to appreciate its great magnitude, and I recognize that I have not had the opportunity to see it, because that happens with schedules and a number of different times each day.

However, if you want to see it running, I advise you before doing thetrip to london consult the opening hours of the Tower Bridge to take it into account when planning your visit.

In general, on normal activity days the bridge is raised two or three times, but on dates with great activity of navigation on the Thames, and on weekends, it may be lifted numerous times.

Opening hours Tower Bridge

Therefore, if you are curious to see it, it costs you nothing to consult here the Tower Bridge opening hours, in case you can match your London visit plan with it.

Video: Opening Tower Bridge for a massive cruise ship (November 2019).