Monfrague - What to eat and where on your visit to the national park

Migas de pastor extremeñas, typical cuisine of Extremadura

One of the attractions of your visit to Extremadura and specifically Monfrague National Park, is to enjoy the Extremadura gastronomy.

I am going to make some suggestions of specialties that you can taste in the area, from the experience of my recent trip to Extremadura on the occasion of the Nomaders Event.

For the entrance, the ideal is a plate of sausages, among which the Iberian Ham He is the king. Or also cheese, as a cured goat cheese, or if you prefer creamy, although very hard, you have the famous Casar cake.

deer loins, typical cuisine of Extremadura

As a starter, you can opt for some shepherd crumbs accompanied by a fried egg, which is one of the big gastronomic specialties of Extremadura. Or some vegetables, like those known as cardillos.

And as a main course, in the area of Monfrague you can taste the deer loins, which are much more juicy than deer, but also more expensive. And another good option is the Iberian prey, a specialty cooked from one of the tastiest pieces of the Iberian pig, extracted from the head of the loin.

As to where to eat in the park of MonfragueYou should look for a restaurant in the small towns and villages in the area.

Rural hotel Puerta de Monfrague in the national park in Extremadura

I can tell you that you can taste the venison loins in the restaurant of the single Hotel Carvajal, that you find the Torrejón el Rubio, very close to the Hospedería Parque Monfrague.

As for the crumbs and the Iberian dam, you find it in the restaurant of Hotel Rural Puerta de Monfrague, which is located very close to the north of the essential viewpoint of the Portilla del Tietar.