Kayak study on 2012 trends in the use of mobile flight applications

The mobile flight applicationsFor smartphones, they are mostly used to check the status of flights and to check-in online, while searching and booking flights is still done on the websites.

This is one of the main conclusions of the survey on use in Spain of mobile apps app to search and book flightsperformed by the flight metasearch engine Kayak

Specifically, when checking the status of your flight, 65 percent of Kayak users have preferred to use the metasearch mobile application, while 31 percent chose to use the web.

Likewise, in a mobile flight app, what is most valued is that it is easy and quick to use, and in which the search and booking of flights is simple.

This study conducted with the support ofSegittur and the low cost Vueling, It is the first of the so-called Kayak online travel barometer which, among other objectives, aims to evaluate and periodically monitor online travel tools and their usage trends.

The poll it has been carried out among almost 900 users who have used the web and the Kayak mobile app with their smartphone in the last three months, and they have made at least three trips in the last year.

For its part, Segittur consider that mobile travel applications that are developed in the future must provide added value, and it is necessary that they cover the intermediate needs of a trip, specifically, those that arise when the traveler is at the destination, such as consulting hotels, places to visit, restaurants ...

As a brake on the development and use of mobile applications, the high cost of roaming fees on trips abroad.

During the presentation of the study, the example was Vueling app, which offers full functionality to its users.

The aspects that stand out most of the application are its usability and speed, the instant confirmation of the purchase of the flight and that the whole process can be completed from the mobile itself, thus facilitating access to the plane without receiving mail or Print a boarding pass.

As main study conclusions, the flight apps are used mainly by independent travelers and their preferred use is focused on last-minute activities, such as checking the status of the flight or searching for itineraries.

Here is the link to the presentation of the Kayak study on 2012 trends in the use of mobile flight applications.