Blog Gure Bidaiak, travel experiences to the United States and China

Personal blog Gure Biaiak, with trips to the United States, China, Peru and the Dominican Republic

Personal blog Gure Bidaiak of the Basques Aitor and Oihana can provide us with interesting information regarding the planning of a trip to countries such as United States and China.

In a clear personal blog format, when making it, Aitor and Oihana They directly transfer their impressions to us in the different visits of the trips they have made, which transfer us along with numerous photos.

In Gure Bidaiak We find the experiences of his long trips, organized on his own and in "backpacking plan." Specifically, to U.S (27 days, mostly in the West Coast National Parks ...), China (a long 34-day trip visiting numerous cities and places of interest), Peru and the Dominican Republic

Highlight on the Blog Gure Bidaiak

  • Very detailed information on the previous preparation of the trips
  • Initial video with an extensive photo report of each trip

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