The Pachinko, a very personal travel blog to Japan and other Asian countries

Personal travel blog "El Pachinko"

One of the travel blogs that more recognition is having in recent times is the one that has the original denomination of «The Pachinko» (The name refers to a popular game from Japan), where you will find the experiences of trips to Asian countries, such as Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Nepal, and some other European destination, such as Greece, Amsterdam and Rome.

The Alicante Pau and Vero They started this blog in March 2008, and «The Pachinko» It has become the medium where you share your traveling experiences and your personal concerns. Therefore, we can consider it in the first place as a very personal blog in which they also share their travels.

In «El Pachinko», above all, you will find the experiences and impressions of your trips to Japan, with many curiosities and places to discover, all complemented by numerous and very good photos.

To stand out in the blog El Pachinko

  • Personal style in travel stories, with anecdotes and curiosities
  • Good photos on every visit

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