1000 Unique Places, suggestive travel proposals from Lonely Planet

Book 1000 Unique Places of Lonely Planet

It is a fact that compilation travel books with hundreds of original and suggestive travel proposals are fashionable. And this fashion now joins the prestigious travel publisher Lonely planet with his new book 1000 Unique Places.

In this book published by GeoPlanet, grouped into one hundred thematic chapters, natural wonders, curious monuments, architectural works and the most curious proposals of the authors of the Lonely Planet guides.

Tony Wheeler, the founder of the guides, declares in the prologue of the book his weakness for the small and unusual sites.

Reviewing the summary of the book 1000 Unique Placesyou find landscape and nature proposals such as the most impressive waterfalls, better underground attractions, essential underwater places or better geysers.

Of course you have architectural suggestions, as more amazing cathedrals and churches, more visionary architects and their works, or more peculiar stadiums.

The thematic variety it's huge, and you find curious suggestions like better public murals, more enigmatic lost cities, more fascinating corpses, jails and famous dungeons or better historical reenactments.

From each of the thematic proposals, brief reviews are presented that highlight the suggestion of the selected place.

Obviously, against the image we all have of Lonely planet, it is not a travel guide, but an entertainment book from which you will extract travel suggestions. In short, an ideal book for a gift.

He book 1000 Unique Places from Lonely planet it has 352 pages and its sale price It is 21.90 euros.