Around the world of Asun and Ricardo, with experiences and many useful tips

Personal blog The Tour of the World of Asun and Ricardo

There is no doubt that for those who like to travel, the biggest traveler challenge we can face is around the world. But it can also seem a difficult challenge, both for the complexity of the preparation of the trip, and for the cost of it.

A good way to encourage you to face this challenge is to read the blog. Around the World of Asun and Ricardo, written by a couple of residents from Alcobendas who, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, in February 2008 they started their own to the world.

This Around the World they carried it out in 45 days and visited 11 countries, starting with Argentina and Chile, crossing to French Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia, and already in Asia, visiting Indonesia, Singapore, China and India, to finally return to Spain via London.

In his blog, Asun and Ricardo not only do they tell us their varied experiences, in a format of travel diary, complemented by numerous photos, but, above all, they facilitate a lot of very useful information for those who may consider making a trip of similar characteristics, expanded with the experiences of other travelers who have made their own trip around the world

The bottom line is that facing a Around the World It is a very feasible challenge today, and that the time required to carry it out and its cost should not be a limit to overcome the aforementioned challenge.

To stand out in the Tour of the World of Asun and Ricardo

  • Large amount of useful information to plan a trip around the world
  • Experiences from other trips around the world, with interviews with other globetrotting travelers