Extremadura - This is the rural architecture in villages of Valle del Jerte

Rural architecture in Cabezuela del Valle in the Jerte Valley

I will not tell you that in the Jerte Valleyat north of Extremadura, you will find villages that are true monumental complexes, or even towns with great architectural harmony, as it is not so.

However, during your visit of the Jerte Valley you will have the opportunity to find some corners that are a good exponent of the rural architecture from the area

I could verify this during my last trip to this area of ​​Extremadura on the occasion of the Cerecera In summer, that time when the cherry trees that extend throughout the valley are no longer covered in the white color of the flowers but in the intense red color of the cherries.

Calle de los Bueyes in Jerte in the Jerte Valley

It is known of human settlements in theJerte Valley from the Neolithic, and there are also remains of the Celtic culture, but in the villages that now extend along the slopes of the valley you will mainly find examples of rural architecture which in some cases date back to the Middle Ages.

Rural architecture in Valle Jerte

You will see features half-timbered houses, but also stone houses on whose facades noble shields, symbols and legends are displayed.

Church of the Virgen de la Piedad in El Torno in the Jerte Valley

You will find 16th-century parish churches, and also hermitages, such as Our Lady of Peñas Albas of the 18th century in Cabezuela del Valle.

But the main characteristics of these villages are their winding streets with houses with balconies on both sides, or even with arcaded galleries.

The latter are also found in Cabezuela del Valle, perhaps the most interesting town from an architectural point of view.

Hermitage of Our Lady of Peñas Albas in Cabezuela in the Jerte Valley

This town well deserves to stop for a walk. In the old town you will also see the characteristic configuration with alleys of an old Jewish quarter.

They will also call your attention Canchal houses, in the village ofRoll, which rise on large moles of granite.

Photos rural architecture Valle Jerte

As an advance to your visit, here is a gallery of photos of rural architecture in the villages of Valle del Jerte.

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