Visit the Casa de la Villa, historic City Hall of Madrid

Plenary Hall of the House of the Old Town Hall of Madrid

If you live in the city, or are you going to do a tourist trip to Madrid, you may not know that you can visit the headquarters of the historic City Hall, known as the House of the Villa.

The House of the Villa of Madrid it is a building that was built to late 17th century and that, since then, it has been the seat of the city council until in 2007 it began to be used for that purpose Communications palace of the Plaza de Cibeles, whose remodeling works will be completed in the next privavera of 2011.

The House of the Villa It is located in a square of medieval origin, called Villa Square, very close to the Plaza Mayor, and where you can see some of the few medieval buildings that still remain in Madrid, such as the House and Tower of Lujanes, from the end of the XV century.

To tour inside the historic Madrid City Hall you have to sign up for Tourist Office of the Plaza Mayor to one guided tour of the House of the Villa, which takes place free of charge every Monday at 5pm.

In the guided tour of the House of the Villa you will go through the great inner courtyard that is now known as the Salon de la Cristalera, you will pass by the Goya Hall, you will see the original statue of the Mariblanca and the Processional Custody of Madrid, of 1563, and, above all, you will sit in the gallery from the public of the showy Plenary Hall of the City Council, which is still being used.