Murcia - A photographic walk through Cartagena

Consistorial Palace of Cartagena in Murcia

If you still haven't had the chance tovisit Cartagena, I anticipate that you will be surprised, as it happened to me in the visit I made recently.

Cartagena It is a city with a very long history behind it, since it was founded by the Carthaginian general Asdrúbal in the year 227 B.C., although it reached its greatest splendor during Roman domination, at the beginning of the second century B.C.

Throughout history there are many events that have put Cartagena in a predominant place in the history of Spain, such as the cantonal revolution in 1873 or the departure of Spain from King Alfonso XIII in 1931

Panoramic views of the Bay of Cartagena in Murcia

But in the last decades of the last century Cartagena has been marked by the industrial development of the nearby Escombreras Valley, which gave it a very distant image of any tourist attraction.

However, after the industrial crisis that Cartagena experienced, a process of recovery of its historical heritage and artistic, whose greatest exponent has been to bring to light his ancient roman theater.

After this process, now visit Cartagena It is a very pleasant walk through the fully pedestrianized old town, where you find interesting monuments.

Roman theater of Cartagena in Murcia

Among them stands out the City Hall, but also the modernist buildings that you can find during your walk, like the casino or the Grand Hotel.

This walk also implies discovering the past of the Roman era, which since 1988 has been coming to light after the remodeling of old neighborhoods. As a consequence, the aforementioned Roman theater or archaeological remains of the ancient roman forum.

Plus, climb the castle hill to have the best panoramic views of Cartagena And his castle.

Cartagena's Maritime Wall in Murcia

Or alsovisit the ARQUA, National Museum of Underwater Architecture, where you can see the findings of Phoenician ships in the Mazarrón area.

Photos Cartagena

As an invitation to your visit, here you are the best photos of Cartagena, in the Region of Murcia.

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