Brittany - This is Quimper's cathedral and its curious "crooked" central nave

Needles of the gothic cathedral of Quimper in Brittany

When you enter the interior of the gothic cathedral of Quimper don't be surprised if you notice that the central nave is «crooked«.

It is a peculiar feature of the great Gothic cathedral of this beautiful city that you find to the southwest of Brittanyat west of france.

After my recent trip to Brittany, I will tell you that two are the characteristics that will attract the most attention in your walk through the historic center of Quimper.

Towers of the gothic cathedral of Quimper in Brittany

First, the numerous and well restoredhalf-timbered houses that splashed him and that gave the Breton city a special charm.

And on the other hand, his Gothic cathedral with its towers culminated by high needles that gain the prominence in large part of the views of the city that you will have during your visit.

The construction of the known asSan Corentín Cathedral It began in 1239 in the Gothic style prevailing at that time.

Porch of the gothic cathedral of Quimper in Brittany

The construction process began on the main facade, where the choir is located, and progressed gradually until it reached the cruise.

It was a very slow process because until the year 1410 the aforementioned choir area was not completely completed.

The facade was approached from 1424, and the domes of the central nave were not finished until almost the end of the fifteenth century.

Towers of the gothic cathedral of Quimper in Brittany

For its part, it was in 1460 when the cruise zone was finished building, and it is at this time that the apse was misaligned with respect to the central nave.

The truth is that the reason is unknown, but now from the entrance of the temple it will be easy for you to realize that slight misalignment.

Located very close to the Odet river that crosses Quimper, next to the tempo you can access a patio and the remains of the old cloister.

This enclosure is closed by the old archbishop's palace, building that since the fifteenth century was occupied by Cornish bishops and now it is the seat of Breton museum dedicated to presenting the traditions and culture of said French region.

Central nave of the Quimper cathedral in Brittany

The great height of the spiers of the towers, with its 76 meters, will allow the cathedral to be present from several places in the city, especially from the street Kereon, main axis of the historic center.

If you are fond of photography, you will find various places to capture scenes that combine these towers with the beautiful half-timbered houses.

Photos Quimper cathedral

As an advance to your visit, here are more photos of the gothic cathedral of Quimper, which you can visit southwest of Brittany.