Berlin - Stroll through the gardens of Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens in Berlin

One of the most pleasant places to stroll in Berlin they are the gardens ofCharlottenburg Palace.

It's about baroque gardens that extend behind the back of the great building of this Royal Palace, one of the monuments that you should not miss on your trip to the German capital.

Charlottenburg Palace was built in 1699 commissioned by Sofia Carlota of Prussia to be used as a summer palace, and which was subsequently used by Prussian emperors.

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens in Berlin

The beautiful royal gardens They were designed in 1697, in principle with the characteristic style of french garden, that is, with trails, meadows, hedges and plants, all arranged in a geometric way.

But almost a century later it expanded with the style of english garden, with wooded areas and neoclassical pavilions.

Yes well during the WWII he Charlottenburg Palace suffered serious damage, currently these gardens are open for the visit and enjoy Berliners and tourists.

Undoubtedly, the set that forms with the imposing palace building configures some of the Berlin's most beautiful monumental prints.

Charlottenburg Palace French Garden in Berlin

What to see in Charlottenburg Gardens

There are currently two prominent pavilions that you find on your walk through the gardens.

On the one hand, the Belvedere, a tea house building built in 1788, and which now houses a porcelain museum.

And on the other hand, the Mausoleum, a neoclassical building built to house in 1810 the graves of the then very popular queen luisa, and in 1840, that of the king Frederick William III.

Subsequently, the mausoleum was expanded to incorporate the graves of the kaiser William I and his wife Augusta, between 1888 and 1890.

Mausoleum in the gardens of Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

And in a crypt not open to the public, the remains of other members of the dynasty are also preserved Hohenzolern.

In you visit of the Charlottenburg Palace Mausoleum You will see the four huge graves, with the recumbent figures made of white marble.

Photos Charlottenburg gardens

As a preview of your visit, here is a gallery of Photos of the Charlottenburg Palace gardens in Berlin, also with Photos of the Mausoleum.

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