A walk through Belcastel, a charming town in southern France

Medieval bridge of Belcastel in southern France

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Well, you should know that in Aveyron one of the highest concentrations of these occurs charming medieval villages.

And in this regard, it is especially worth highlighting Conques Y Najac, two really beautiful corners that should not be missing in your route by car through the south of France.

Belcastel, beautiful town in Occitania in southern France

Where is Belcastel

When you arrive to Belcastel, already in your first vision you will be aware of its beauty.

Whether you access the valley following the course of the river, or the mountain, at the moment you realize the great charm of this small French town.

In the valley, the first thing that will catch your attention is the conglomerate formed by its stone houses crowned by the castle.

And, of course, the medieval stone bridge of the year 1409, built by the same architects who built the famous Avignon bridge, which shows a beautiful scene along with the church of the same era.

Belcastel church in Aveyron in southern France

If you arrive in Belcastel from above, it is undoubtedly the figure of the 11th-century stone castle that acquires the greatest prominence among the green and lush forests that surround the town.

Belcastel history

Belcastel It is a very small town, with only 48 residents throughout the year, but in this valley there is evidence that it was already inhabited in the fifth century.

He Belcastel Castle It was built in 1040, and served a surveillance function.

To pass through Belcastel in the Middle Ages A toll was established.

Belcastel Castle in Occitania in southern France

Along the history in Belcastel numerous avatars occurred, but its decline came when in 1762 the castle was abandoned.

It was in 1974 when the prestigious French architect Fernand Pouillon He was excited about the beauty of the town, and then decided to buy the ruins of the castle and begin its reconstruction.

He could not see it finished because he died in 1986, and is currently buried in the cemetery of the Belcastel church, looking at the castle.

Claude Cayla, Mayor of Belcastel since 1983, who attended us during our visit, is very proud of the effort made in the reconstruction of the town.

What to see and do in Belcastel

In this way today Belcastel It has become a popular place for tourist excursions.

Medieval bridge of Belcastel in southern France

When you travel Belcastel You have a great feeling of stillness, at least when I did, because there was hardly any tourist.

Crossing the bridge and sitting on a terrace next to the church with views of the town and the castle creates that feeling.

If you enter the church, you will see the sepulcher of Alzias de Saunhac, the first of lords of Belcastel, who lived at the end of the fourteenth century.

He Belcastel Castle It is currently owned by some Americans, and can be partially visited.

Also in Belcastel you will find a small hotel, a farm-hostel, and even a restaurant with a star Michelin.

Belcastel Photos

Here you have more Belcastel photos, I remember you can visit the department of Aveyron, south of France.

How to get to Belcastel

Belcastel It is located half an hour west of the city of Rodez and about two hours north of Toulouse.

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