Guide with the best tips to visit Heidelberg in Germany

Panoramic views of Heidelberg from the Philosophers' promenade in Germany

One of the most beautiful tourist routes what can you do forGermany is tour the Neckar River Valley, which runs meandering between wooded hills and where you will find beautiful villages and castles.

This tour begins (or ends ...) in Heidelberg, a charming city located north of the route, with a historical prestige for being the headquarters of the first University of Germany Founded in 1386.

For a long weekend I had the opportunity to walk and enjoy this beautiful German city where the university atmosphere prevails.

Charles Teodoro bridge in Heidelberg in Germany

From that experience, then I will point you what to see and what to do on your Heidelberg visit in one day.

What to see in a day in Heidelberg

Stroll along the pedestrian street Haupstrasse

In Heidelberg you will have the opportunity to walk along the longest pedestrian street in Germany, the Haupstrasse.

This street extends from the center of the modern city, the Bismark square, where all public transport is concentrated, to the heart of the ancient city, the marketplace.

The beautiful and colorful Baroque-style buildings, and the great entertainment of shops and establishments, make this walk the best option to get in touch with the city.

Heidelberg Haupstrasse Street in Germany


Old city center, in the marketplace you will see the church of the Holy Spirit, the oldest in Heidelberg, and the town hall, two of the most prominent monuments of this German city.

But in you visit of the market square above all you have to look at the beautiful building with stone facade of the Zum Ritter House, one of the few left after the almost complete destruction of the city in 1622.

Also known as the Knight's House, this very beautiful building was built in 1592.

Cross the bridge of Carlos Teodoro

Very close to the marketplace Do you have thehistoric Carlos Teodoro bridge, with the Carlos's door In the foreground, one of the icon points of the city.

Charles Teodoro Bridge of Heidelberg from the Philosophers' promenade in Germany

This bridge that crosses the river and through which you will access the viewpoints of the walk of the Philosophers, was built in 1784.

Next to the bridge you find another of Heidelberg's current icons, the popular sculpture known as the Monkey of the Bridge, installed in the 70s.

Viewpoints of the Paseo de los Filósofos

As I commented. crossing the Carlos Teodoro bridge you can climb the path known as walk of the philosophers.

From their viewpoints you have, without a doubt, the best panoramic views of Heidelberg, so climbing this ride should become an essential visit.

Heidelberg Castle Gardens in Germany

Climb by funicular to Heidelberg Castle

Using the first section of the cable car, the most modern of Germany, you arrive at heidelberg castle, another of the essential places to visit in this German city.

Most of the Heidelberg Castle It is currently in ruins, although you can visit the central courtyard and some interior rooms.

And you must also walk through its gardens until you reach the viewpoint from where in the morning you have very good panoramic views of Heidelberg.

Visit the Student Jail

In the University square you face the buildings of the former University of Heidelberg and of the new one created in 1931 with the help of the Americans.

Student Jail of the former University of Heidelberg

But the most advisable is, without a doubt, to visit the curiousformer Student Jail.

This jail it worked since 1823 and for almost a hundred years, and in it the students who committed minor infractions were recruited, which were sanctioned by the authority of the university itself.

During your visit, graffiti and drawings covering walls and ceilings of the old cells will catch your attention.

Visit the Jesuit church

Baroque style, built from 1712, the facade of the Jesuit church of Heidelberg it will remind you of the church of the Gesu of Rome.

Also when you visit this church you will be surprised by the great luminosity of its interior.

Jesuit Church in Heidelberg

Things to do in Heidelberg

Below you have information about different activities you can do during your visit to Heidelberg.

Have dinner or go for drinks in the streets next to the Market Square

The area of more atmosphere of Heidelberg You find it next to the marketplace, specifically in the Unteren and Steing streets.

There you have restaurants, breweries and cocktail bars, among which the historic student tavern Vetter.

Heidelberg Castle Festival shows

In summer, as in other European cities, in Heidelberg numerous cultural events are celebrated.

Church of the Holy Spirit in the market square of Heidelberg

The highlight is the Heidelberg Castle Festival; It is worth attending a show.

Attend an organ concert in a church

Almost every day during the summer there music concerts and, specifically, of organ, in the various Heidelberg churches. Some are even free.

To highlight the concerts in the church of the Holy Spirit, the main city that is located in the center of the Market Square.

Boat Cruise on the Neckar River

He neckar river is a great protagonist of the city of Heidelberg.

Neckarsteinach on the banks of the River Neckar near Heidelberg

You can make a short cruise on the banks of the city in a solar power boat or, if you prefer, a cruise quite longer to the town of Neckarsteinach, near town of the riverbank where up to four small castles are concentrated.

How to get to Heidelberg

You can reach Heidelberg from the city of Frankfurt from the north, where you can fly and use a high-speed train, and from the city of Stuttgart from the south.

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