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  • We are a group of journalists, photographers and tourism professionals with a proven professional experience, now also focused on travel blogs.
  • Above all, we are communicators with the passion for travel and a commitment to the quality of content, informational independence and periodicity in the publication.


  • Travel Inspirers is made up of 10 of the leading bloggers, professionals in journalism, photography, video and online marketing, with proven experience in preparing travel chronicles, disseminating destinations and collecting useful tips when traveling.
  • Our blogs are a clear reflection of the professionalism in the promotion of brands and destinations and in the creation of products related to the travel sector.


  • The best and most complete promotion of a destination, with transparent and professional results.
  • The possibility of carrying out joint and coordinated marketing actions in our travel blogs, offering a professional response and a powerful return on investment in the promotion of destinations and products
  • We commit ourselves to present reports of results of the promotional actions carried out under quality criteria.

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TRAVEL INSPIRERS bloggers and blogs

3 trips a day It is a travel blog born in 2007 of the enthusiasm to visit new places, tiptoe to distant cultures or discover wonders around the corner, then return with firm step and share those experiences and tricks of insatiable traveler.

Our team of editors is made up of very different profiles of travelers that cover a wide spectrum of destinations, themes, points of view, experiences and ways of living the trips. We are moved by a unique philosophy: to narrate first-person and experiential travel, and try to transmit in a contagious way our passion for travel.

We travel, discover, surprise ourselves, share it and file it in our blog for the present, past and future. With more than one million visitors in 2011 and 900 destinations and articles published, we offer a whole world to discover in one of the most visited travel blogs in Spain.

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With more than 80 countries behindJosé Miguel Redondo, better known as Sele, is dedicated to narrating his experiences for 8 years in El Rincon de Sele. Bachelor of Documentation, he also works as a travel content coordinator and editor at Cadena SER Viajes y Los40viajes, not stopping around the world through his very detailed articles.

He has held several photography exhibitions and given lectures on tourism and travel in numerous places in the Spanish geography. It is also one of the founders of the #Tertuliasviajeras, a successful event that takes place every month in cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Sele offers in his multiple stories practical information for independent travelers, without forgetting to give an emotional, passionate and critical touch to everything he writes. This traveler and multi-faceted blogger is accompanied by a motto that never tires of repeating again and again: "Traveling is investing in life."

Pau García Solbes He is a travel blogger and communication manager of

He has a degree in Journalism and has worked in numerous media on topics related to new technologies and tourism. He is also a professor of the subject of blogs and microblogs in the master's degree in e-commerce and digital marketing at the UMH of Elche.

Pau writes very actively for more than four years in his blog The Pachinko, one of the most popular travel-themed in Spanish language. In addition, he is editor of Traveler's Diary of Weblogs SL.

Pachinko began in March 2008 as a travel blog specializing in Asian destinations. However, they soon began posting content from other destinations.

Since 2009, Pau and his partner travel with his son Teo, giving many tips on family trips. The content of the blog is always based on personal experiences.

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Journalist, with long experience as director of publishing business and Internet director in the magazine group Motorpress Ibérica and G + J, currently José Luis Sarralde He has full dedication to the development of the travel blog Travel Guides.

In this editorial project José Luis combines his professional background and with a long travel experience, especially in Spain and Europe

Cultural tourism and natural landscapes are preferred themes in Travel Guides, blog where each destination offers a global approach to all topics and activities of interest to visitors, including the most useful data.

Photography, with large photo galleries, has a great role in Travel Guides, as well as videos posted through its YouTube channel.

Since the end of 2008, and until today, in Travel Guides more than 2,700 topics have already been published.

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Nani Sands, communicator and storyteller. Journalist with more than 15 years of experience in written and audiovisual media. And since 2008, inveterate traveler! Travel blog whose purpose is to spread the traveling spirit to all those who take it. Contagion and beware! I don't know antidote against the nomadic spirit.

The world of digital communication fascinates me. I think the Social Media explosion opens an incredible field for all "storytellers." We live a revolution much bigger than when the printing press was invented. We have a very rich world ahead of us and dominating it is an ambitious goal to which I am aiming.

Inés Fernández, from Zaragoza, has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and has studied a master in digital postproduction.

She has been editor of the corporate blog We talk about Tourism, has translated articles from German to the European magazine E-blogs and carries out sporadic works for Central Reservation.

Your blogMy Trips out thereShe was a finalist as "Best travel blog in Spanish" of the Lonely Planet contest, and received the award for best article on Jaén after a recent blogtrip.

Ines writes her personal travel stories combining anecdotes with practical data for the reader, and her articles are recognized when accompanied by a photograph of her Ganesh doll in the most emblematic place of each destination.

The blogMy Trips out there It seeks to encourage potential travelers to dare with other destinations, and since 2011 their themes are illustrated with drawings in “digital watercolor” format.

Inés publishes every month between eight and ten topics, with a total of 215 topics so far that have generated more than 2,300 comments.

Paco Nadal He is a well-known travel journalist, writer, photographer and documentary director who has turned his passion, travel, into a lifestyle and a profession more than two decades ago.

Since then he collaborates with the newspaper El País, has a travel section in the Cadena SER, stars in travel documentaries on Canal Viajes and other televisions and writes travel guides for the El País-Aguilar publishing house.

He has published two narrative books: “The Horn of the Elephant”, the first work that the prestigious National Geographic publishing house published to an author in Spanish, and “Pedro Páramo no longer lives here,” Eurostar-RBA Travel Narrative Award in 2010.

Since 2008 writes Paco Nadal's blog, one of the blogs of El Viajero, the travel supplement of the newspaper El País.

An author's look in which Paco narrates the places he visits in a very personal way, giving importance to good literature, but also with a fun, dynamic and critical approach.

Tireless, curious and constantly moving traveler, Carmen Pérez del Olmo He is professionally dedicated to communication and travel journalism, collaborating with different media and creating quality content for the network.

She is co-editor of several blogs that cover all the topics related to travel: before, after and information on destinations.

Since 2009,Trajinando por el Mundo It is his most personal space, in which he shows each destination from his particular point of view. The quality of the blog has been deservedly recognized by being awarded in 2010 with the Bitácoras award for «Best Travel Blog ».

ContentTrajinando por el MundoIt is characterized by the personal point of view that Carmen prints in each of her articles, and the abundant information that complements them, the result of a rigorous investigation. There is also a lack of first-hand advice from someone who has traveled the world independently.

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Viajablog It was born in 2005 with the aim of offering advice and information about the traveling world by experienced editors in losing themselves on the planet independently.

So far they have already published more than 3,000 topics and their readers have left more than 8,500 comments.

The four editors of Viajablog they add six trips of equal or superior duration to six months, an unprecedented fact among travel blogs in Spanish. The personal situation of each of them gives them flexibility to cover all types of situations and destinations, from adventure, to family, through other more cultural, gastronomic or festive.

Viajablog An image of independence and honesty has been carved towards the reader because he has never accepted the sponsorship of articles. All the texts that can be read on their page are their own experiences, news or information that they consider of interest to their faithful public.

  • Press Kit Viajablog

José Ramón Álvaro González, journalist and travel photographer, has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, and has more than 10 years of experience. He has worked, among other media, on the Cadena SER, Radio Nacional de España, Onda Cero and Televisión Española.

He is passionate about traveling and telling it on his blog Travel, Rock and Photos, a 2.0 notebook that is impregnated with the experience in the places visited.

Documentary photography and careful texts bring the reader closer to the sensations of destiny, in such a way that they make the dream of traveling come true. The 2.0 character gives the imprint of the story in real time, through social networks, and the participation of readers.

José Ramón publishes an average of two chronicles a week, which he interspersed with other articles of traveling notes. Since the creation of Travel, Rock and Photos, after the summer of 2010, more than 90 chronicles have been published that have received more than 600 comments.

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