My 2 favorite synagogues to see in the Jewish Quarter Josefov in Prague

Prague Jewish Quarter Cemetery - Czech Republic

One of my favorite neighborhoods to visit in a trip to Prague is undoubtedly the so-calledJosefov, which is perhaps better known as the Jewish Quarter of Prague.

Its streets show a very different style to the streets of the nearby Old City, but in the Jewish Quarter you can visit a historic Jewish cemetery originally from the 10th century, and various synagogues of times and very different styles, from Romanesque to Sephardic.

Very close to the Old Town Square, to visit it you can buy a ticket that will allow you to go through several of those corners, in a visit that can last two or three hours.

But if you don't have much time in your Prague visit, and you want to see some synagogue, you do not need to buy the joint ticket, but you can go directly to the ones that interest you most.

If you are going to do so, I recommend you go to my 2 favorite synagogues to visit in the Jewish Quarter of Prague.

Specifically, the New Old Synagogue; of the thirteenth century, it is the oldest synagogue in Europe that still maintains the cult. It is also known as the Staronova Synagogue.

And on the other hand, I advise you not to stop visit the Spanish Synagogue, which has a Moorish style inside, the result of a restoration in the nineteenth century.

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