What to see on Charles Bridge in the medieval city of Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague - Czech Republic

HeBridge of Carlos It is an essential visit in your tourist trip to Prague, in the Czech Republic.

This monument of Gothic style, of unusual beauty, has become the nerve center for visitors to the Czech capital, not only because of cross the Vltava river to join the Old City with the Mala Strana Neighborhood, but above all because of the great atmosphere there is throughout the day.

But what will you find on your visit to this monument? I'll advance you below what will you see on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

1.- Upon arrival from the Old City, on the right you have a lookout with excellent panoramic views of the bridge, with the bottom of the Barrio de Mala Strana and the castle hill.

2.- You will access the Charles Bridge through an arch under the Old Town Tower, the first of the gothic towers, of enormous beauty, that you will see on the tour.

3.- Street musicians, craft shops, pampering performances, and a great commercial environment, is what you will see during your walk along the Charles Bridge. And if you travel to Prague on a bridge or during the holiday season, many, many, many tourists ...

4.- 30 religious themed statues They are distributed on both sides of the Charles Bridge.

5.- You will leave the Charles Bridge passing under two contiguous towers, known as Mala Strana Towers, a Romanesque and a Gothic. In the latter you have a tourist office.

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