You know what… ? United States History at the Smithsonian Museums in Washington

Washington National Air and Space Museum - United States

Do you know that in the Smithsonian Institute museums from Washington you can find the best exponent of the United States history?

Sure enough, when you get to Washington in your travel along the east coast of the United States you can visit one of the Smithsonian Institute's museums that are located on the great avenue of National Mall.

This institution has been responsible for preserving the culture of the United States, and its different facets can be seen in the different washington museums.

Without doubt the most prominent of the museums is the National Air and Space, which is the most visited in Washington.

But you can also know the history of the native Indians in the National Museum of the American Indians. Or see objects of historical figures of American history in the American History Museum.

Here is a list of the Smithsonian Institute museums that you can visit in Washington.

Video: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Video Tour. Washington DC, USA (November 2019).