Myguiadeviajes, personal blog with trips to New York and Thailand

Personal blog Myguiadeviajes

Myguiadeviajes It is a personal blog prepared by Fran, a Malaga who tells us in this blog the experiences of his different trips and excursions.

In this regard, it highlights the information about its trip to thailand, very extensive and detailed. But the experiences we find in Myguiadeviajes of the trips to New York, Havana, Berlin, Riviera Maya, Paris or London.

The style of the blog is travel diary, so that we know the different visits that have been made on each of the days of your trip, with impressions and recommendations that make it useful for those of us who are planning a similar trip. All of them illustrated with numerous photos of the places visited.

Fran also has another blog dedicated to restaurants, Travel and eat.

Highlight on the Blog Myguiadeviajes

  • Daily experiences of numerous trips and excursions.
  • Extensive photo report of each trip

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