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In these times of boom of communities 2.0, among which are not lacking travel communities, Travelers ( maintains its clear leadership position in the Spanish market. It is a project that in 2005 launched the Granada Antonio de Cara, Spainsun for foreros, and that he has been developing with the essential help of numerous collaborators, travelers who have been managing the different forums, and with the participation of all foreros.

If we want to look for information with travel experiences and advice from travelers, in order to prepare a trip on our own to any part of the world, we should definitely visit Travelers.

His greatest potential is found in his forum, with more than 88,000 registered users, where it is difficult to find any place in the world from which experiences and opinions are not reflected, from the United States or Italy, to the Riviera Maya, Thailand or China.

But this community also offers us its section of blogs and travel diaries, in which members of the community tell us their travel experiences in a useful travel diary format. And to complete the offer, in Travelers We found photo galleries made by members of the community.

To stand out in the community

  • The biggest (and best) travel forum in Spanish
  • Travel diaries with traveler experiences

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