We are going to China, personal blog with the experiences of a trip on your own

Personal blog "We're going to China"

Take a trip to certain countries, organizing it on your ownSometimes it is not that simple. Idiomatic difficulties or great cultural differences can discourage many travelers, even those accustomed to traveling without the help of a tourist agency.

At personal blog We are going to Chinathe madrilenian Enrique Cifrián He tells us the travel experiences what did he do to China in September 2007. It is an organized trip on your own, accompanied by Marce and Miguel, visiting Yangshou, Hong Kong, Xian, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

The blog is written in the form of a travel diary, detailing the different circumstances, visits and activities of each day, with budgets included. Illustrated with numerous photos, Enrique shares with us his experiences, which serves as a useful reference for what a trip on our own to China.

This personal blog about China has had continuity later with the blog dedicated to Vietnam, where they traveled in 2008, and more recently, with the japan blog, which they have visited for 16 days last April.

We will be attentive to see what will be the next blog of the series Let's go to…

To stand out in the blog We are going to China

  • Very detailed account of each of the stages of the trip
  • We miss that I have not yet written the promised blog of the trip to Scotland (it sure would have been useful for my trip last August)