Documentary video with the recommended tourist visits in Edinburgh

At blog GUIDES TRAVEL to ENGLAND and SCOTLAND I have included the four videos of ten minutes each in which an i is dividedNon-documentary that presents the most interesting visits we can do on our trip to Edinburgh, in Scotland.

In this documentary we will see images of the modern city of Edinburgh, in the area of ​​Queen Street, or the street and parks of Princes Street, and also of the medieval city, of the different monuments of the Royal mile, like St Giles Cathedral, the Edinburgh Castle or the Holyroodhouse Palace, or the medieval houses Gladstones Land and John Knox House. The documentary is completed with images of the Edinburgh nightlife.

Who you intend to travel to Edinburgh, in Scotland, watching this documentary video you will have the opportunity to have a clear overview of the interesting places you can visit.

Video: Edinburgh Scotland Vacation Travel Video Guide (November 2019).