You know what… ? The Hub gothic building in Edinburgh with a supermodern interior

The Hub, home of the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland

You know what The hub, the gothic style building of the medieval city of Edinburgh, in Scotland, has an interior of supermodern design, which has nothing to do with a historic building?

Edinburgh It is a city that stands out for the large number of medieval buildings it preserves, including churches and Gothic architectural towers.

When we arrive at the Royal mile, central street and axis of the old medieval city located on top of a hill, one of the buildings that most attracts our attention is The hub, which is at the foot of the famous Castle and shows us the tallest spire tower in the medieval city.

But we are not facing a medieval building, because It was built in 1845. After being used as the administrative headquarters of the Church of Scotland and other later purposes, in 1995 it was acquired by the organization of the Edinburgh International Festival, which completely remodeled its interior and in 1999 reopened it as administrative headquarters of the same. For example, in The Hub you can buy tickets for the different shows.

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