San Miguel de Madrid market, tapas in a renovated historic center

Succulent tapas at the renovated San Miguel Market in Madrid in Spain

Assessment: *** Very Recommended

When trips to Madrid and visit the historic center around the Main Square, it is worth it to approach the San Miguel Market. This is the last example that remains in the market town built with an iron structure, which dates back to 1916, and in which a deep remodeling has been carried out that has allowed us to recover this building of cultural interest.

But, likewise, since its reopening in May 2009 It has become an original public space where traditional food stalls are combined with a tapas area of ​​succulent culinary specialties.

At blog GUIDES TRAVEL TO MADRID you have extensive information about the renewed San Miguel Market in Madrid and of its new use as tapas areaas well as a complete Photo gallery.

Video: A Walk Around Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid (November 2019).