Augmented Reality in the new iPhone application of the Tripwolf social travel guide

Tripwolf iPhone application with Augmented Reality

The iPhone applications They are becoming a good tool when making a trip on your own. The great boom that are having the smartphone in the last two years, since the iPhone was launched, is promoting the development of useful Useful applications for travelers.

Now, the social travel guide Tripwolf incorporates the new functionality of Augmented Reality in its iPhone application. This functionality is being incorporated in recent months to different applications, and the travel ones are the most conducive to it.

The Augmented reality It allows you to combine the real world with virtual elements and information. In this way, in the case of the Tripwolf application, you put the iPhone horizontally and when you point the camera at your surroundings in a city, the information about the different points of interest, such as monuments, hotels, restaurants, are appearing. etc ... that are around you.

Tripwolf's iPhone travel app is free and you can download it with iTunes from the App Store.