4 routes to make your trip along the West Coast of the United States

Grand Canyon of the Colorado on the West Coast of the United States

If you are planning a travel along the west coast of the United StatesThere are many tourist attractions that you will find.

From cities like San Francisco, The Angels or Las Vegas, to the beautiful natural landscapes of the National Parks, As the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

Now, to make the most of your trip through these regions icon of the U.S, it is essential plan well the route to travel, with the problem that there are many possible variants and alternatives.

To help you plan this route, in GUIDES TRAVEL TO THE UNITED STATES you can find three route proposals different. These are:

  • A generic route for a 15-day trip along the west coast with essential visits, which begins in San Francisco and ends in Phoenix.
  • A more specific route of 14 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles inland, which focuses on the visit of the main national parks of the interior.
  • A route of San Francisco to Los Angeles by the coast. It is a partial route that does not cover the interior of the west coast, and does not reach Las Vegas and national parks, but which is useful if you want to travel the coast carefully.
  • A route from Las Vegas to visit the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and other beautiful places in the interior of the west coast.

From your preferences on the places to visit, with these proposals you have ample information to be able to plan your own route along the West Coast of the United States.