Accommodation in tourist apartments has been banned in New York since May 2011

Bad news if for you trip to New York you prefer stay in a tourist apartment. From May 2001 it will not be possible to do so because the Governor of New York, David Paterson, just signed a rule prohibiting the rental of tourist apartments for a period of less than 30 days.

He tourist apartment rental by tourists we visited NY In recent times it has become an alternative to hotel accommodation, given the high prices of the latter.

This alternative is more profitable if the trip is carried out by a group of people, so that the tourist apartment rental price For a stay of several days it may be clearly lower than the price of a hotel. However, as of May 2011 this will not be possible.

With this rule, the Governor of New York intends to stop what he calls illegal hotels, while preserving the tranquility of the guests of apartment buildings, which is considered disturbed by the influx of temporary visitors.

This measure, which has been supported by the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, has also received criticism because it is considered to be difficult New York arrival of tourists with tighter budgets.

Therefore, you know, if you considered the option of the tourist apartment to save on your stay in New York, you will have to discard it. There is no doubt that in recent times it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel to the United States ...