Beijing night photo taken from the International Space Station

Beijing night photo taken from space

That the capital of China It is a city that is having enormous economic and urban development in recent years, it is something well known.

Now you can visualize this development thanks to this photo from spaceor, which has just been published by NASA after being taken by Expedition 26 found in the International Space Station (ISS).

In this night photo you can see the great extension of the two most populous cities in China, Beijing Beijing, with its 12 million inhabitants, and Tianjing, with 7 million, large commercial city that was born after the construction of the great waterway that is the Grand Canal of China.

In the picture you can see Beijing located northwest, and to verify great urban expansion from the city, I tell you that both are separated by almost 140 kilometers away. In between the two can be seen the small town of Langfang.

No doubt, in a few years, when travel to China, you will find cities very different from those we can see today. In this regard, I comment that Shanghai he has already lived his great evolution towards modernity, and Beijing Beijing is currently on that road.

A good excuse to plan an upcoming Trip to china.