How to attend a costume ball at the Carnivals of Venice 2011

Ambience in the street at the Carnival of Venice

From February 26 to March 8 the traditional takes place Carnival of Venice 2011, very popular parties that fill the streets of the Italian city with visitors, and become a great party of music and color thanks to the numerous costume dancesIt's happening.

Visit Venice during the carnivals, dating back to the thirteenth century, is an opportunity to live one of the most famous parties in the world.

And besides walking through the streets of Venice living the great carnival atmosphereYou also have the possibility to attend one of the many costume dances that take place in palaces and historic buildings.

These costume dances They usually start at 9 pm, and a cocktail, a gala dinner enlivened by classical music, and finally the dance with live music usually takes place. The party usually ends between two and three in the morning.

The Ticket prices to these costume dances at the Carnival of Venice 2011 They are around 250 euros, apart from the cost of renting the costume.

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