Do you know why the Palacio de Linares in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid had no kitchen?

Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

Do you know why the Linares Palace from Madrid , great palatial building where the Marquises of Linares In the late nineteenth century, did not have a large kitchen?

Indeed, if you make the highly recommended guided tour of the Linares Palace, which you find in the Plaza de Cibeles From Madrid, you will discover that when it was designed at the end of the 19th century to serve as the residence of the Marquises, the construction of a space where to locate a large kitchen, according to the dimensions of this palatial building, was not contemplated.

And it wasn't because they forgot ... but because the Marquises of Linares every day they ate a menu served especially by the nearby Lhardy Restaurant.

Really, it's hard to imagine that a palace with the characteristics of the Linares Palace I didn't have a big kitchen. Of course, there was a small kitchen used to prepare food for servitude.