Download the free Tripwolf travel guides for iPhone with integrated maps

Tripwolf social network travel guides for iphone

The Tripwolf social network has updated your travel guides for iphone, with integrated maps, and allows you, for a limited time, you can free download.

These travel guides Now you can check them offline, also including maps of the cities it incorporates, so you do not need to be connected, and thus avoid the cost of roaming.

In this iphone application You have information from more than 100 cities and regions around the world, with contents of the Marco Polo and Footprint travel guides, also incorporating the contributions and opinions of the members of the Tripwolf social network.

This app for iphone also includes the functionality of the Augmented reality, which combines real images through your iphone with elements and virtual information.

Once you have downloaded the basic application from the Apple Store, then you can download the guides of each of the cities or countries that interest you, which now, and for a limited time, is free.