You know what… ? The sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo is near the Colosseum in Rome

Moses sculpture by Michelangelo in San Pedro in Vincoli church in Rome

Do you know that the imposing sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo You can visit it very close to Coliseum in Rome?

When he makes a tourist trip to Rome, not everyone knows that he can see the sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo and where he is.

On that trip you are sure to visit the Colosseum, and very close to this impressive Roman monument you can visit this sculptural group, which you find in the very close church of San Pedro in Vincoli.

He Moses It is one of the great works of art in the world and is part of a funerary mausoleum that was carved by the great artist Miguel Angel in 1515.

The Church of St. Peter in Vincoli It is located in a hidden plaza between Via Cavour and the streets that overlook the north facade of the Colosseum.

One recommendation: do not miss the possibility of enjoying the Moses, you will not regret.