Monfrague - These are the 4 × 4 excursions to explore the Extremadura pasture

Landscapes of Extremadura pasture next to the Monfrague National Park in Extremadura

In you tourist trip through Extremadurawhen you visit the Monfrague National Park, to the north of the province of Cáceres, you also have the opportunity to explore the characteristic landscape of the Extremadura pastures.

Indeed, in addition to sighting the fauna of this National Park, and visit prominent corners of it, such as Monfrague Castle, or the viewpoints from which to see the nests and the flight of prey, you can sign up for a guided tour in 4 × 4 vehicle through the pastures.

The area surrounding the Monfrague National Park, known as pre-park, and which is a declared natural park Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, you have large areas of pastures that can be traversed in 4 × 4 excursion.

4 × 4 excursion through the Extremadura meadow of Monfrague in Extremadura

In Monfrague there are companies that offer you 4 × 4 excursions to know the national park, as is the case with Live Monfrague, with which I had the opportunity to visit this landscape jewel of Extremadura.

Some of these excursions include a road trip off road, watching landscapes of the meadow of Extremadura.

Iberian pigs in the Extremadura pasture of Monfrague in Extremadura

Specifically, it is with the full day excursion with which you can better enjoy these landscapes, its fauna and its flora, because the afternoon, for three and a half hours, is dedicated to visiting the pasture.

In the Extremadura pasture beside Monfrague You can see Iberian pigs, bulls, water birds, and even with some luck, deer and raptors such as the blue elanium and the imperial eagle. And, likewise, centennial cork oaks ...

Centennial cork oak in the Extremadura meadow of Monfrague in Extremadura

But likewise, from mid-September to mid-October, you have the opportunity to attend one of the natural ceremonies of the Extremadura meadow of Monfrague, the Deer bellow. On a 4 × 4 excursion you can see the deer show in heat.

These excursions of the Berrea deer in Monfrague They start at 7.30 or at 17.30 hours, and have a duration of three hours. The price is 33 euros per person.