Evaneos, organize your custom trip to distant destinations with local agencies

Web Evaneos to hire local agencies for your customized tourist trip

One of the ways that in recent times is becoming more common when it comes to plan a trip on your own to a distant destination, is to hire the route with a local tourist agency, instead of doing it through the great wholesalers of trips that there are in Spain.

In this way, you can combine the independence of a trip on your own, because the route can be organized to your needs, with the comfort of an organized trip, where you already have all the contracted tourist services, such as local planes, hotels, transfers, visits and tourist guides.

Thanks to the Internet it is now possible to locate local tourist agencies which in many countries offer their services without the intermediation of wholesalers (for example, to China or India).

In this way, you also have the great advantage that the total cost of the trip is reduced by a significant percentage.

With this concept of travel, now, after two years of journey in France, the Tailor-made travel website Evaneos It has just launched its version for Spain with the aim of bringing travelers in contact with local tourist agencies.

On this new website they advertise local tour agents which, he says Snooze, have been selected by various professional criteria.

These local agencies offer you the possibility to hire them directly so that you organize the trip completely to your needs. The site charges these agents directly for advertising, so that the cost of your trip is not increased by a possible additional commission.

Currently, in Snooze You find local tourist agents from 15 countries, including China, Vietnam, India, Jordan, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

In the profile of each local agent you can see guidance proposals for routes, but the final trip is tailored to your needs, so the price is also personalized, although Evaneos are advertised travel budget savings between 15 and 20 percent.