Roundtable «Tourism and blogs», interest of tourism entrepreneurs in Asturias for new ways of communicating

Roundtable Tourism and Blogs at the Niemeyer de Avilés Center in Asturias

The round table Tourism and blogs organized by the Regional Tourism Society of Asturias It has been a clear reflection of the great interest that entrepreneurs in the tourism sector of this community have for the new ways of communicating that bring new technologies and, in particular, by travel blogs.

Celebrated the past Friday, May 13 in the new Niemeyer de Avilés Cultural Center, this round table sparked the interest of more than one hundred businessmen of hotels, rural houses, restaurants and other tourist services of Asturias.

As blog creator Travel Guides, I had the pleasant opportunity to participate as a speaker together with prestigious journalism professionals and travel blogs, such as Paco Nadal, Paco Elvira Y Nani Sands.

After the introduction of the round table by Nani Sands, author of The inveterate traveler, and the presentation of the digital development project that is carrying out the Regional Tourism Society of Asturias, it was time to deepen the new way of communicating that travel blogs are.

Behind the presentation that I personally carried out (which I detail later), the excellent professional photographer Paco Elvira He made a presentation of the importance of good photography as a communication tool, and its application to travel blogs.

And the truth is that, in a very graphic and bright way, he managed to convince us all that a good picture in a blog you have the ability to convey passion for a destination, and that not just any photograph is worth promoting destinations.

For its part, the prestigious travel story counter that is Paco NadalHe told us a story going back to his family origins. His message focused on the essential need to continually adapt to the new tools, but also claimed the permanent validity of the good traveling stories.

These presentations gave way to a very interesting debate that showed the great interest that in the Asturia Tourism Worlds you have to know and interact with the new communication tools, such as travel blogs and social networks.

In sum, this day of exchange of opinions and experiences between travel bloggers and Asturian tourist businessmen served to verify that both sectors must go hand in hand in adapting to the new technological times.

Roundtable Tourism and Blogs at the Niemeyer de Avilés Center in Asturias

Travel Blogs, a new way of communicating

In the brief presentation that, as I said, it was my responsibility to make, I first reviewed the essential features of travel blogs, with the great wealth and thematic diversity offered by this new informative format.

Specifically, I explained the multiplicity of personal approaches to the world of travel and tourism, detailing the transmission factor of experiences personal as travelers.

The central point of my intervention was a brief analysis of how to assess the influence of a blog, and the presentation of various tools that allow to measure from multiple perspectives the audiences of a blog and its relevance in social networks.

The conclusion that I wanted to convey to tourism professionals in Asturias was that, at the time of measure the influence of travel blogsThe first thing is to set clear objectives for promotional needs.

And, afterwards, the numerous tools available must be deepened, which allows to obtain a very fideligna and personalized vision of the travel blog overview, and its greater or lesser adaptation to these needs.

If you have more interest, here access to the Travel Blogs presentation, a new way of communicating, which I did in the round table Tourism and blogs, in Aviles.